by Enraged Minority

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released February 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Enraged Minority Freiburg, Germany

ENRAGED MINORITY represents streetpunk the way it should be: a powerful mix between classic Oi! and hardcore punk with rock‘n'roll and ska influences.

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Track Name: Antitude

Anti, anti, an­ti­tu­de · I live my life not like you
Anti, anti, an­ti­tu­de · I don‘t care about the things you do

I have no need to im­press peop­le, peop­le I don‘t like
I won‘t waste my time with you · Anti, anti, an­ti­tu­de

I won‘t fol­low in your foot­s­teps, never lis­ten to your ad­vice
I see things dif­fe­rent than you · Anti, anti, an­ti­tu­de

If you have a mess on your hands, I‘ll be thril­led to bits
I don‘t give a shit about you · Anti, anti, an­ti­tu­de
Track Name: They Shall Not Pass

East end of Lon­don, 1936
3.​000 rats in black­shirts wan­ted to claim the streets
Es­cor­ted and pro­tec­ted by strong forces of po­li­ce
But the streets were pa­cked with peop­le no chan­ce to get through

Hey! Hey! Hey! – They shall not pass!

Peop­le armed them­sel­ves with what they had
To prove what they think of fa­scist scum
Throwing sto­nes, buil­ding bar­ri­ca­des all to­ge­ther old and young
300.​000 peop­le cha­sing those black rats
They made a quick ge­ta­way and craw­led back into their holes

And if they crawl out of their holes again
It’s up to us to chase them away
His­to­ry gives us the right to op­po­se the fa­scists anyti­me
The state and its po­li­ce will never be on our side
The­re­fo­re we need to unite to fi­nal­ly put an end to it
Track Name: Burn All Bridges

You come to terms with your past & no one wants to block your way
But as long as the door’s still open others will stay clo­sed for you

Burn all brid­ges be­hind you · to prove you won‘t step back
Burn all brid­ges be­hind you · to get out of the firing line
Burn all brid­ges be­hind you · to leave it all be­hind
Burn all brid­ges be­hind you · burn all brid­ges be­hind you

You got an ob­li­ga­ti­on to pro­vi­de & suf­fer all the con­se­quen­ces
It’s su­re­ly not the easy way out but the only one to make a stand
Track Name: Rude'n'Rebel

I al­ways hear you tal­king
About what’s good or evil
Left-​wing, right-​wing – all the same?!
Come on man, you can‘t be se­rious
That sounds to me like you are
A bour­geois con­ser­va­ti­ve
Some kind of a dis­gui­sed
Midd­le-​class clown

Stay rude – Stay rebel

You claim to be re­bel­lious
And go your own way
But all the things you‘re pre­aching
I read be­fo­re in the yel­low press
You com­pa­re things to each other
Which are to­tal­ly dif­fe­rent
You‘re just sca­red of ever­y­thing
Bey­ond your midd­le-​class way of life
Track Name: Fight For Your Class

You‘re proud to serve for your coun­try that ta­cit­ly ac­cepts your death
You sa­cri­fice yours­elf for eco­no­mic in­te­rests
For com­mo­di­ties & free trade rou­tes but not for peace & li­ber­ty
The awful harm of mil­li­ons does not mat­ter in this game

Don‘t fight for your coun­try · Fight for your class

De­crea­sing life ex­pe­ri­en­ces, vio­lence and cor­rup­ti­on
These are the re­sults of hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an in­ter­ven­ti­ons
There are so many things which are re­al­ly worth figh­ting for
So don‘t be­lie­ve their pro­pa­gan­da & fight for your own in­te­rests

Fight for no dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on · Fight for more eman­ci­pa­ti­on
Fight for self de­ter­mi­na­ti­on · Fight for more par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on
Fight for equa­li­ty · Fight for li­ber­ty
Fight for so­li­da­ri­ty · Fight for the so­ci­al re­vo­lu­ti­on
Track Name: Chosen Family

Even on a busy street
I feel lo­nely wi­thout you
‚Cause you‘re my fri­ends, my fa­mi­ly
The peop­le who I trust
You cheer me up, you keep mum,
I can al­ways lean on you
We‘re joined to­ge­ther by so­me­thing,
That no one can put into words

We know each other so many years
Went through thick and thin
So many shared ex­pe­ri­en­ces
And tons of great me­mo­ries
And even if we‘re quar­re­ling
That won‘t chan­ge a thing
Yes I know, I won‘t meet
So many mates like you

You‘re my fri­ends, you‘re my crew
The fa­mi­ly I chose

This one’s de­di­ca­ted to my peop­le at home
My life would be not­hing wi­thout lads like you
But it’s also for my fri­ends all around the world
You‘ve got a place in my heart now and fo­re­ver
Track Name: Equality

You are jud­ged for your ori­gin or the co­lour of your skin
You are jud­ged for your gen­der or se­xua­li­ty
You are jud­ged for if you‘re han­di­cap­ped or ano­ther petty fea­ture
And so you are con­dem­ned if you di­ver­ge from their norm

The only thing you want is to be ac­cep­ted like you are
The only thing you want is to live in di­gni­ty
Just to get the re­spect that ever­yo­ne de­ser­ves
You ask yours­elf if that’s too much to ask for?!

We be­lie­ve in equa­li­ty · Equa­li­ty of you and me

What re­al­ly makes a dif­fe­rence are our be­liefs and at­ti­tu­des
What re­al­ly makes no dif­fe­rence is the way that we are born
What re­al­ly makes a dif­fe­rence are our deeds and how we act
What re­al­ly makes no dif­fe­rence is the way that we are born

You laugh and cry, you love and hate,
You mourn and you de­light like ever­y­bo­dy else!
You‘ve got cou­ra­ge you‘ve got fear, se­cu­ri­ty and lo­ne­ly­ness
You‘ve got the same blood in your veins like ever­y­bo­dy else!
Track Name: Our Place

A place which we crea­ted where we ful­fill our­sel­ves
Bulit up with our en­er­gy, sustained with our love
Here we got ever­y­thing that you can‘t offer us
Our lon­gings and de­s­i­res are re­flec­ted in this place

This is our place, our cast­le, our home
Ac­cor­ding to our ideas · a place of our own

Here’s no place for your eli­tism & con­sump­ti­on craze
We face each other on the same level, no place for ex­clu­si­ons
A room for re­tre­at, to re­ch­ar­ge our bat­te­ries
A place for all of us & all of us for this place
Track Name: I Won't Shed A Tear

Ano­ther new con­struc­tion site · Ano­ther brigth­ly polis­hed buil­ding
Ano­ther af­for­da­ble hou­sing space made way for hig­her pro­fits

Dis­pla­ce­ment and evic­tions it’s past all re­co­gni­ti­on
This once lovely neigh­bourhood seems like ridd­led with can­cer

Do you re­al­ly want to live in a city like this?
Me, for my part, it makes me sick
If this whole city will be in fla­mes so­me­day
I sit back and laugh but I won‘t shed a tear

Ano­ther ex­clu­si­ve shop ope­ning · Ano­ther tren­dy chain store ari­ses
Ano­ther clo­sed down cor­ner shop which is no lon­ger com­pe­ti­ti­ve

Pu­blic space gets cut back, dis­tur­bing ele­ments get ban­ned
Where once the cul­tu­re was bloo­ming there’s only ste­ri­li­ty left
Track Name: On The Road

Ano­ther week we left be­hind
For­get about work & clear our minds
Pick up some fri­ends, we hit the road
To play a show & wet our throats

On the road · Up to no good · Li­ving the life like it should be

We ar­ri­ve too late, jump out of the bus
The local crew al­re­a­dy waits for us
We hoist some brews with the lads we meet
Until we yell and roam through the streets

So­me­ti­mes it might get out of hand
Don‘t worry! We know where we stand
That´s the time we don‘t want to miss
’Cause we feel alive in mo­ments like this
Track Name: Without You

Ever­y­thing I own didn‘t fall into my lap
Day by day, year by year I wor­ked hard for that
So­mehow I al­ways sweeped the obst­a­cles out of my way
I‘m in a daily strugg­le that’s the price I pay

But I never would have made all this…Wi­thout you

If my life is in a sham­ble & I‘m fee­ling re­al­ly sad
I brace mys­elf up again & for­get about the bad times that I had
No mat­ter how far I have been thrown back
I‘ll take ano­ther run-​up for the fol­lowing at­tack

The cards are dealt just once to fold is not a choice
You‘ve got to make the best out of it got no time to look be­hind
Track Name: Cheers

These lines are so long over­due & go out to all of you
We just want to app­re­cia­te all the things you do
We want to sup­port your strugg­le & stand by your side
Cause we don‘t take it for gran­ted to be on this stage to­night

This one comes straight from the heart · this one is for you
Let’s turn the night into day & have a drink or two

We pull off our hats to your in­fi­ni­te pas­si­on
We bow our­sel­ves to your great de­vo­ti­on
Thanks for the in­vi­ta­ti­on we are ho­no­u­red to be here
So come on boys and girls let’s have ano­ther beer