by Enraged Minority

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released June 26, 2010



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Enraged Minority Freiburg, Germany

ENRAGED MINORITY represents streetpunk the way it should be: a powerful mix between classic Oi! and hardcore punk with rock‘n'roll and ska influences.

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Track Name: Enraged Minority

Some peop­le re­al­ly hate us just for what we are
But we don’t care about them we go our way
We know that our heart is in the right place
And all that pride and anger makes us even stron­ger

We‘re just an en­ra­ged mi­no­ri­ty

So­me­ti­mes it ain‘t easy but we do sur­vi­ve
Cause we le­ar­ned to show our teeth and speak up what we feel
We‘re proud to be not like you and we will stand by it
You won‘t never bring us down we‘ll al­ways go straight on
Track Name: Antifascist

It makes me full of anger
There are still fa­scists who mar­ching on
They still fan­ning the fla­mes of hate
Based on their in­hu­man ide­als

Come on an­ti­fa­sc­sist – Just keep up this fight
Come on an­ti­fa­sc­sist – Let us all unite
Come on an­ti­fa­sc­sist – Do not he­si­ta­te
Come on an­ti­fa­sc­sist – Let them feel your hate

There are many ways to fight fa­scism
Don‘t yield to their sick ideas
Don‘t give them no room to act
It’s le­gi­ti­ma­te to do yours ut­most
Track Name: Thugs In Uniforms

You‘re wil­ling to pro­tect law and order
Make sure that the sys­tem is wor­king
You just act on or­ders from above
You‘re the mere tool of the power­ful
Ain‘t got no mind or ide­als
Like a brain­less guard dog of ca­pi­tal

Thugs in uni­forms

You‘re told to break any re­sis­tan­ce
Bea­ting up peop­le if they don‘t fit in
You use bru­ta­li­ty for in­di­mi­da­ti­on
If it’s got to be you stop at not­hing
So many have been kil­led al­re­a­dy
But none of them will be for­got­ten

Re­mem­ber the Hay­mar­ket Riot
Re­mem­ber Carlo Gi­ulia­ni
Re­mem­ber Alexis Gri­go­ro­pou­los
Never for­get – Never for­gi­ve – A.C.A.B.
Track Name: E.Z.L.N.

A perfect disguised dictatorship
Which stole your land and enslaved you
Raped your women and let your children die
They dispose of you if you don‘t keep still
- Ya basta! -

Go straight on E.Z.L.N.

You build up structures for resistance
The majority of the people stand behind you
You declared war on the government
And you rose up in revolt
- Tierra y libertad! -

Organized yourself from the bottom up
Build up an autonomous system
Achieved so much until now
But you‘re not at the end of your way
- La lucha sigue! -

El pueplo unido jamas serra vencido
El pueplo armado jamas serra vencido
Track Name: Stay Young

You‘re out on the streets with your fri­ends
Got so much fun and so many beers
You feel free and have a laugh
Being ir­ra­tio­nal and fee­ling al­right

Stay young in your heart
Stay young in your soul
Stay young in your mind
Stay young fo­re­ver

You live here and you live now
Doing just what you wanna do
Take things as they come
Don‘t worry about any­thing

Just break free from all your chains
Leave all your pro­blems be­hind you
You‘ll never know what to­mor­row brings
Your time is short and you only live once
Track Name: Working Class

No mat­ter where you come from if you‘re black or white
We be­long to the same class so we must all unite
For­get all ra­ci­al pre­ju­di­ces don‘t be­lie­ve those fa­scist liars
Rea­li­ze your true enemy don‘t fight amongst each other

An­ti­fa­scist wor­king class
An­ti­ca­pi­ta­list wor­king class

We‘re ex­ploi­ted and op­pres­sed by some gree­dy suits
Let’s get all to­ge­ther and give them our boots
Since there are so many of us and they are just a few
Stand up and take back what be­longs to me and you

Unite and fight wor­king class
Track Name: D.I.Y.

You just hang around with a coup­le of fri­ends
Got not­hing to do and now­he­re to go
You just com­plain about your fu­cked up life
It’s time to chan­ge just be crea­ti­ve

Do it yours­elf

Smash your screen and call some fri­ends
Crea­te a spot or found a group
Do wha­te­ver the fuck you want
Just get up off your arse and make your dreams come true

Don‘t you want to rea­li­ze your ideas?
Don‘t you want to do things on your own?
Don‘t you want to have so­me­thing that you can be proud of?
Don‘t you want to be an in­di­vi­du­al?
Track Name: Customs Officers

They leave their homes not wi­thout re­a­son
They are hungry they fear death
Your state is re­s­pon­si­ble for their mi­se­ry
And you‘re guil­ty for sa­ving the bor­der

You call it a job – We call it crime
You call it law – We call you ra­cists

You con­trol ever­yo­ne who don’t look right
Check their ids which de­ci­de on their lives
You send whole fa­mi­lies right to their death
If your child­ren ask can you ex­plain‘em that
Track Name: Partisans

When free­dom was in a dis­tant fu­ture
Just a spark in your hearts still lived on
But a spark with the power to be­co­me a fire
That burns down the in­hu­man fa­scist re­gimes

Par­tis­ans – you were alert in the black of the night
Par­tis­ans – you were the light in the dar­kest times

You mar­ched in so­li­da­ri­ty side by side
Your firm con­vic­tions kept you going on
A com­mon aim a com­mon enemy
Your bri­ga­des stood for hu­ma­ni­ty

You couldn‘t close your eyes to it
You saw through this ter­ri­b­le cru­el­ty
You had the cou­ra­ge to fight for your ide­als
We‘ll keep your deeds in our hearts
Track Name: It's Up To You

Down a city where a ghet­to thri­ves
A con­cre­te jung­le where fear mul­ti­plies
Anger and frus­tra­ti­on is ever­yw­he­re
A flick knife, an eye’s flash a dead­ly glare

Time is now when they‘re co­ming for you
Time is now – It’s up to you

Ra­cist sa­dists in uni­form
Think they‘ll take this city by storm
Thin blue line want to storm the streets
But the kids from the ghet­to won‘t ac­cept de­feat

From Ros­tock through to Wa­ter­loo
There are guns on the streets and they are poin­ted at you
It’s an urban war is it bet­ter than that
Come on man, you‘ve got to face the fact
Track Name: Fence Sitter C**ts

There are so many dif­fe­rent sty­les in our sub­cul­tu­re
But con­cerning some peop­le your to­leran­ce goes to far
You‘re ac­ting like a pleb ra­ther than being con­sis­tent
And so you let the fa­scists gain a foot­hold in the mo­ve­ment

Fuck off you fence sit­ter cunts
We will never walk with you

We don‘t care if you call yours­elf apo­li­ti­cal
As long as you got an­ti­fa­scist ide­als
We can­not ex­pect you to share all our views
But if you to­le­ra­te the nazi scum there is no ex­cu­se

It means pas­si­ve agree­ment if you to­le­ra­te this shit
Re­mem­ber that the scene is just what we make of it
Don‘t wait ’till it’s to­tal­ly un­der­mined by the scum that you igno­re
So don‘t be like those idiots and close this fuck­ing door